God is Great is a faith-inspired fusion of
art, fashion, entrepreneurship, and purpose. 
We are a Christ-centered brand that is
passionate about evangelizing the modern age by
inspiring encounters with the face of Christ.
Our goal is to empower change agents for the world and
give back to those in need.

God is Great | PO Box 653 | Santa Clara, CA 95052
408.800.1317 | sdo@godisgreat.store

story (in pictures)

story (in words)

In 2016, God is Great was born out of a difficult phase in my life. Before I get into that, let’s back up a bit. First off, I’m a family man by vocation and a ministry leader by profession. I also consider myself a creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. For the past two decades, I did freelance design work as a side hustle while pursuing a professional career in youth and young adult ministry. I’m Catholic and have worked for the Church longer than all of the other jobs I’ve held combined. I’m passionate about my faith and driven to evangelize the young generation. I’ve become a firm believer in doing what you love while utilizing your gifts and talents. For the longest time, I’ve always had this desire to combine my charisms of faith, artistry, and entrepreneurship to create something that will bring the joy of the Gospel to the world.

In 2013, a dream was born. I felt a strong desire to create a Jesus character that makes people smile. Prompted by deep inspiration, I pulled out a piece of paper and attempted to sketch the image in my mind that wasn’t fully clear at the time. The result was a child-like, stick-figure of Jesus. I was like, “that ain’t gonna work.” And that was the last of it for the following three years. Life happened. My second daughter was born that year and soon after I transitioned into a more demanding role at my job. The dream would often creep up in moments of prayer or inspiration but I kept pushing it aside for “later”. Then 2016 came.

That year was an interesting one to say the least. In some ways, it was quite amazing because of the milestone moments that brought overflowing joy. In other ways, it was a deeply painful period of emptiness. In a nutshell, I found myself in a dark place internally and struggled with mental fatigue, emotional drought, and spiritual desolation. Have you ever felt that way? It was a low point in my faith journey and the worst part of it was feeling alone. It affected all areas of my life and I knew things would fall apart had I not done something to change it. This was all happening in the middle of the Church’s Year of Mercy and man, did I need a whole lot of it! In humble surrender and for the first time in my life, I leaned on Mother Mary for her guidance and intercession. I’m convicted now she will always come through for those who turn to her. Slowly but surely, she accompanied me out of my darkness and, as she always does, pointed me back to Jesus. In late August, on the anniversary of my Santiago pilgrimage, I was inspired to embark on a local pilgrimage to the Holy Doors of our diocese. Three days, three parishes. I called it my “Pilgrimage of Mercy”. The total walking distance was 28 miles. I completed it, and that was a game changer.

In essence, through Mary’s help, I encountered the face of Christ again. But it's not like he had ever left; I was just too blind to see. From that pilgrimage came forth great healing and inspirations, one of which was the dream of the Jesus character. After three years of not having done anything, I finally pulled out a sketch book and started doodling again. Through much prayer and revisions, a clear image of Jesus finally came to me in September and I finalized the face of Christ design. Thereafter, a surge of creativity flowed. I knew that God was calling me to take that leap of faith and make this happen. So I did. I was inspired to name the brand, God is Great based on Psalm 86:10, “for you are great and do wondrous deeds, and you alone are God.”

On October 26, 2016, God is Great was officially established as a company. In February 2017, we made our very first public appearance as an exhibitor at the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, CA. The responses we received were overwhelmingly positive. It was validation for us that the uniqueness of our brand, the simplicity of our designs and our Christ-centered mission resonated with people. In August 2017, we were blessed to exhibit at the Archdiocese of LA's teen conference called City of Saints. It was a great opportunity to meet many young people and see their excitement for our brand. Now, here we are. We look forward to where God will lead us. Together, let's inspire encounters with the face of Christ. Let us see the face. be the face. ® of Christ in the world. Please pray for us!

- Steve